For Growing up in Rain

by Max Gilman '25 on December 6, 2022
Portfolio Co-Editor


a raincloud
photo creds: pexels

For grinded-teeth car rides; For growing up. 

For being beaten into pavement; To prove a point. 

For oily cat piss stains beneath the bed; For abandonment. 

For coins and green paper; To live in a shadow. 

For low-tide seas; For a shiny shell that breaks in a year. 


Litter lent my nose the scent nostalgia 

The other day and I refuse to see it pass, 

But cometh the wind— 

Cometh change, 

Immortal is the fleeting day. 


For weathered forehead scars; For fathers. 

For ibuprofen bottles; To kill an ache. 

For peeled orange slices; For open skies. 

For confined education; To warp a nation. 

For teaching gender; For control. 


For suns that set orange, on shady beach sides 

For love beneath umbrellas, that fades, but never dies.