Listomania: Things that I learned last semester

by Connor Zimmerman on January 16, 2020


Mint Juul pods are illegal 

I cannot responsibly manage my money (or Friar Bucks) 

They lied to me on the tour about Ray

Men’s basketball will never be able to hit their free throws

I paid $5k for a class that I skipped 23 times

I can get mono really easily (my mama always said I would be good at something)

The dorms are sticky

Mondoz is always the move, not Eaton Street

I need a new major

Clubs are really just cults on this campus

I’m not actually going abroad

Ed Cooley can pump some iron

Winter break ain’t long enough

2 or 3 cups of coffee is fine unless it’s before 2 a.m.

My parents know less about loans than I do

DWC is an informative and life-changing experience…sike