June 20, 2019

Posts from "Creative Non-Fiction"

  • Creative Non-Fiction | Feb.08, 2019

    Upwards of Ten Thousand Feet

    by Kiley McMahon ’20 As we continued upwards of ten thousand feet, the vehicle’s engine roared loudly in my ears. The GoPro stuck to his head recorded my every motion, reaction, and feeling. My fingers turned to ice through the…

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  • Creative Non-Fiction | Jan.18, 2019

    D.A.R.T & Yards

    by Jay Willett ’20 “No legs up-50 euro fine.” The text enraged me as I promptly took my seat on the pea green cushion. Defeated, I took a breath and in the bat of an eye, we arrived at Tara…

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  • Creative Non-Fiction | Nov.19, 2018

    The Day I Died About 3 Times

    by Jessica Polanco ’20 I remember being able to see nothing. It was pitch-black and all I could hear were crickets, moths buzzing near my ear, thunder and branches cracking under my feet. I was surrounded by people I had…

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  • Creative Non-Fiction | Oct.04, 2018

    City Walking

    by Connor Zimmerman ’20 “Last stop, everybody! Don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here!” The conductor’s shout pulls me out of my sleep. The train slowly rolls to a stop at the station, and I drag my…

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  • Creative Non-Fiction | Sep.27, 2018

    God’s Nationality

    by Jessica Polanco ’20 I thought I had it all figured out—until I figured it out. I was only about twelve years old when I met Aylin. Her demeanor was that of an older woman who’d just finished dying her…

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  • Creative Non-Fiction | Sep.13, 2018

    A Day in the Kitchen

    by Sam Pellman ’20      It was a humid and sticky day. The clouds were just starting to move, and the sun was beginning to peek through. I parked in my normal spot and immediately felt the hot air…

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