Two Sentence Horror Stories

by The Cowl Editor on October 28, 2021


man in front of a creepy shadow
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I dipped my spoon into the Jell-O in front of me and lifted it to my mouth. I had never seen white Jell-O with little red spider veins before, and it was unexpectedly chewy.

Kate Ward ’23

Laughter can be such a pleasant noise. That is, unless you live alone and hear it all night long.

Taylor Maguire ’24

I kiss his cheek, comb the falling hair out of his eyes, and fix his crooked tie. If only he had let me fix him up this nice when he was alive.

Mariela Flores ’23

I caught up on emails this beautiful morning. Midterm grades were released.

Anna Pomeroy ’23

The boy walked aimlessly around the dimly lit house, looking for his mother. When he arrived at her bathroom, he noticed her there, on the floor, and the trail of blood leading to the dagger he gripped within his grasp.

Max Gilman ’25

I woke up in a room surrounded by guys in pink masks. They told me we’d be playing our favorite childhood games…

Taylor Rogers ’24

The Devil gave me a choice to walk through Hell or walk through Pinehurst Ave at night. I chose Hell.

Aidan Lerner ’22

Knowing that loose lips sink ships, the captain had gone to desperate lengths to protect his craft. But as they entered international waters, he began to hear from all sides that ominous smack smack smacking.

Fiona Clarke ’23

I’m staring in the mirror. But I don’t know who that is grinning back at me.

Toni Rendon ’24

One night I asked my dad to check under my bed for the boogeyman when he was tucking me in. His smile faded as he said, “Why would I do that when you’re looking right at him?”

AJ Worsley ’22

I woke up to the blissful sound of birds chirping and the sun streaming through my window at a noontime height. I love Saturdays, I thought, as I opened my phone to see the eight a.m. alarm that had been neglected.

Sarah McLaughlin ’23