Friartire: The Hash-Slinging Friar

by The Cowl Editor on November 1, 2019


by Ghost Hunter ’21

In the weeks preceding Halloween, several students have reported witnessing a ghost-like figure wandering late at night. The figure was described by a source as “dressed in the white habit of a friar,” but appeared to be translucent. 

Another source stated, “The friar rose from the fog, like he came out of thin air.” 

Reports claim that the figure only reveals itself at night, often when it is stormy and foggy. Around campus, the cemetery, the priory, and Howley Hall have all been sites of appearances. 

With the upcoming holiday of Halloween, students are on edge. Some have taken to wearing rosaries and crucifixes to ward off the specter. Others have been trying to catch it on film and have started to call the phenomenon the Hash-Slinging Friar.

After hearing the fear on behalf of the students, the school issued a statement: “We apologize for any inconveniences that have arisen as a result of the Hash-Slinging Friar. We firmly reject the existence of such a figure.”

However, after a thorough investigation, The Cowl is proud to debunk the existence of the Hash-Slinging Friar. After much sleuthing and several sleepless nights lurking the campus in search of the figure, evidence points to a real friar as the so-called Hash-Slinging Friar. 

Instead of spotting a ghost, students have been seeing Father George, a friar new to the school. He is apparently fond of taking walks at night under ominous conditions. 

Be sure to say hello to Father George the next time you see a ghost on campus!